Sunday, December 6, 2009

Corned Beef Pasta

This was just an experimental dish due to food that needed to be used and hunger. I had a bag of corned beef that I only ate 4 slices from, and I had some cauliflower and bell peppers, plus this grated Parmesan-Romano cheese, so I figured I might as well make pasta.

I just sauteed garlic, then the cauliflower and sliced red bell peppers, throwing in some dried oregano and basil in for good measure. Added some of the cheese and chive cream cheese until it had some sauce on it and came out with this!

To be honest, it was light and good on the tongue, but not necessarily delicious. Next time, I will make a white sauce first, then add the cheese and cream cheese to get more flavor, but, hey, lets just say this is healthier.

Nov 9 Birthday Dinner at Milanese Caffe

Hi ya'll. I decided to finally get my lazy butt on this blog and actually post something up. I always go on blogger, but I just browse other people's blogs and never want to write up my own.

In that time, though, a lot has happened.

My birthday was on November 9, and my housemates threw a surprise birthday party for me! I came home early from dance practice and stumbled in upon them still decorating! My roommate baked this cute cake for me! She's so good at decorating cakes! It was X's birthday yesterday, and she made the cake look like a basketball.

The next day, we went out to eat, restaurant of my choice. I didn't want to force them to spend a lot to eat and I wanted to try this cheap Italian place just up the street called Milanese Caffe. General price range is around $8 for entrees. Pizza though is only about $4, and they an interesting one called Egghead Pizza, which is just a pizza with a fried egg on top. My friend got it, but she threw most of it away when it got cold. I would say that fried eggs taste good on almost anything, so I think I would've liked it. We came in at 8:30pm, and they close at 9pm, so the guy told us we could only get to-go. I wanted to have a sit-down dinner for my birthday, so we ordered to-go and sat there. What's really stupid is that they force you to leave when they close. That is not at all like other restaurant courtesy. Other real restaurants let customers stay till they finish eating. But nope, not Milanese. When it's nine, it's out! So, we packed up our half-finished to-go boxes and headed home at closing...


I got the Spinach Fettuccine Smoked Chicken. It was tasty, but had too much creamy sauce, if you can tell by the picture below. If they toned down the creaminess and sauciness a little, it would've been just perfect. They also serve pastas with their garlic bread and pizza bread.

It's like green and red islands floating in a sea of cream...

Left is pizza bread, right is garlic bread. I didn't like the garlic
bread and the pizza bread was decent.

Overall I'll give Milanese Caffe: 3/5
Decent food, good price, but poor service

The next few posts will be the food I've made since my last post: a simple pasta dish, recreating Mom's comfort food, and sweets.