Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Eugene's Cafe - review

Add-on to Wednesday, June 22
Ash and I got back early, so I asked if she wanted to go work at a cafe with me. We took the bus and trekked to Sweet Eugene's Cafe. I can only start with:

Oh wow.

This cafe is huge and definitely has a character of its own. First walking in, I see slushie machines behind the counter mixing and chilling Butterfinger, vanilla, and chocolate smoothies. Farther down the counter is a display case with cute little donuts, muffins, and other pastries. A little farther down is the cashier with the menu, the drink machines out back, and more pastries (cakes, kolaches, muffins, quiches). On the left is the rest of the cafe. It extends into three open rooms with tables and chairs strewn about. There's this huge, antique coffee mill called the Behemoth or something like that. On the restroom doors, instead of W and M to designate gender, they have a picture of Audrey Hepburn and a picture of James Bond (I think)! Cute!

There are couches along walls. There are enclaves with dimmer lighting and bookshelves to make it feel like something from...the pirate ride at Disneyland! The atmosphere is really mind-blowing here.

I loved the paintings on the walls. Whoever the artist is, she is wonderful. About $200 for the two that I liked, "Fairy" and a dancer one in the bathroom. I want to buy it and bring it home somehow...(Sorry no picture. I figured I'd be infringing on copyright if I took a picture).

The apple cinnamon muffin here was...absolutely ungodly amazing. I have never eaten a muffin with quite such chewy fluffy soft pillowy texture as this one. The apple muffin. Get it. Like, no joke. If you are in College Station, drag your butt here and get this. It's only $1.80 or close to that, and probably good to eat in two portions.

Apple Cinnamon Muffin - to DIE for

The blueberry scone is delicious as well. Huge and filling, about $1.90. Again, warning, FILLING. Great to have a good scone place around here, just too bad it's so freakin' far away from the apartment and that the buses don't run on weekends.

Blueberry scone - looks better at a different angle

Sweet Eugene's also has breakfast, lunch, and dessert crepes. Not too bad pricing either ($4 for simple, $7 for lunch). I want to come here and try a sweet and a savory crepe some time.

Basically, if you're in College Station, don't leave without going here. They even have a variety of java smoothies, fruit smoothies, and typical cafe drinks, which you can all order through their drive-through window! Oh, and two free wi-fi networks, both of which don't need a complicated password like in Berkeley! This place is awesome!!!

Sweet Eugene's House of Java
1702 George Bush Dr E
Ste 100

College Station, TX 77840

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  1. Anonymus Mutant Caveman (AMC)July 24, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    Slushies. Lookin so puffy. Cinnamon. In a muffin. (*w*)