Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February already?

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The days are shooting by so fast. It is hard to believe that it is February 2013 already! New Year has passed, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has passed, Super Bowl XLVII has passed...and now Valentine's Day is just around the corner! So much has happened and it gets hard to write regularly (especially when the internet is so distracting...). I always have to give props to the other bloggers out there for being able to get on almost every day and provide tasty tidbits of thought on my RSS feed and blogroll.

The biggest news in the past few weeks is that I got a dog!!! Meet my awesome new roommate, Hershey:

Isn't that face just heart-meltingly adorable!? I met him at the Humane Society shelter a couple weeks back and it was love at first site. I had meant to look at a couple other dogs, but the moment I played with him, I knew he was the one. 

Those puppy dog eyes get me everytime. It makes me so sad to leave him when I go to work every morning or when I leave to go do errands or go to dance class or hang out with friends.

What is great about having a dog is the impetus to exercise! I take him on a jog every morning, evening when I come home from work, and night right before bed. In total, I run about
60 minutes or more every day. It feels really good and keeps me from sinking into a sedentary rut in front of the black hole that is my computer screen.

At the same time, I spend a lot of time on Hershey and do less on my homework and research. I need to focus better at work so I get everything I need to finish done at work so I don't feel bad for leaving "on time" to take care of my dog. Need...to...FOCUS!!!

I have been baking a lot lately, and oh-ho-ho has that been bad on my tummy tone. Unlike the stereotypical woman, I don't go on shopping sprees at the mall; I drop scary amounts of money at the grocery store. Before coming to the grocery store, I usually prepare by looking at the ad for sale items and writing down what I need to buy and what I want to buy because they are on sale.

Then I get to the grocery store and all that prep-work flutters and dies.

The aisles are chock-full of interesting treats and highlighter yellow and red sale/clearance signs. I start looking at the little sale things and get super detoured and end up throwing a bunch of things into my cart. By the time I am at the check-out line, my cart is full of unnecessary things and snacks that I probably should not get, being the sole eater in my apartment.

But I rationalize it by saying that most of these items are materials for my cooking and baking experiments. Eventually...eventually, I will use that jar of sauce and make jambalaya. Eventually, I will use this yogurt for some baked good thing that is supposedly healthy and might end up going bad on my counter later because I baked too much. But, all for the sake of culinary practice, eh?

Question of the month: how do you grocery shop? Do you like grocery shopping? Do you have a dog or another pet?

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  1. Yay! Sometimes the comment form shows up for me and sometimes it doesn't. Anywhoo I do the same thing at the grocery store! I go a little crazy and I always spend more than I intend. I have an overflowing pantry that could feed a small army. Your puppy is such a cutie! i just want to give him a big squeeze. Have a good weekend!