Thursday, October 20, 2011

View from the Top

Just thought it'd be nice to share a little something with you all.
Something that makes hiking uphill through the UC Berkeley campus worthwhile.
A sight that makes working late at the residence halls satisfying.
From the stairs of Foothill or the balcony of Stern Hall,
You can see the beauty of Downtown and the City (short term for San Francisco).


Granted, this image does little justice to what I see on most nights.
My 5 Megapixel cellphone camera cannot do the nightscene justice,
But I do hope this gives you some feel of the euphoria that fills my soul everytime I turn around
And take in the beautiful view.
Especially at night, when all is relatively serene,
Some lights softly flicker. The clocktower ("Campanile") shining erect.
On a warm night, it is all I need.

If you do ever take a visit to Berkeley, take a hike uphill to the landmark "Big C" at night. Sit up there, stare at the surroundings. Deer wander by sometimes too. It's wonderful.

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